OMG! The Best Party Boat Ever!

OMG! The Best Party Boat Ever!

It’s difficult to find the perfect party boat for yourself. There are so many things that go in favor or against some parties and it truly depends on the person. Briefly saying, music choice, sailing route and openness of the bar matters, and the users of our services deserve to know all of their boat partying options. Boat Party Ibiza dedicates this article to those who don’t satisfy themselves with anything but the very best, informing you of the best boat party there is, along with some honorable mentions. It’s important to note that all parties are good, and this is just our opinion on the best one.

Oceanbeat Party Boat

Oceanbeat Ibiza can freely be considered the symbol of Ibiza cruiser parties, being the largest scene with so many DJs performing and amazing acoustics. It holds the world record for the most artists performing on one party boat, and it seems like they won’t be taken their throne from them anytime soon. They have the capacity of 300 passengers and despite such a large number, there’s space for everyone.

The boat in question is a 2 deck catamaran, with the upper part completely committed to the partying aspect of this cruiser. The lower deck holds refreshments and is also a place for relaxation from continuous dancing and screaming crowd, where you can still listen to the music playing upstairs.   This party boat is a great option for BIG party seekers!

Like said at the beginning of the article, there will be honorable mentions running for the first spot them also living up to the name ‘party boat’. These 2 honorable mentions are Cirque de la Nuit and the new attraction within the party cruisers, The IBZ Boat Party.

Cirque de la Nuit Ibiza

Cirque de la Nuit Ibiza presents a large and well-known cruiser that will make you lose your breath, whether it be by looking at the natural beauty of the Mediterranean or upon jumping into the crystal clear water from the 4m diving board. Its open bar won’t leave anyone thirsty, but if you remain thirsty for partying there’s always an after party organized… definitely the best choice for techno lovers!

The Ibz Boat Party

The IBZ Boat Party presents a new face when it comes to the boat parties, and despite them starting with the last year, their parties are nothing short of unforgettable. It’s most known for its water sports that include the flying banana and jet skis. If you love the feeling of adrenaline streaming through you then you should give this cruiser a shot. Also, this party boat includes an entry to Ushuaïa or Hï Ibiza: two of Ibiza’s most popular super clubs. It’s such a great party deal!

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