Ibiza Sunset – What is the Power and Mistery Behind it?

Ibiza Sunset – What is the Power and Mistery Behind it?

The Ibiza Sunset is the best in Europe, and one of the best in the entire world…

That’s what they say about the sunset in Ibiza, a spectacular show on the island, unforgettable for all those who have the opportunity to see it at least once.

But what’s the power, and the mystery behind the sunset? Is it just for the beauty, or is there any other reason that attracts hundreds of people every day on the island to admire it?

The answer is simple: The Energy

Why did the hippies come to Ibiza decades ago? Because of the energy in this special place: they are looking for it, they need it.

So here’s why the Ibiza Sunset is so important (just like in every ancient culture and tradition): because the sun is a source of energy, the biggest source of energy on the planet.

So looking back to old civilizations from all over the world, we discover the reason why the Sun has always been worshiped as a God.

It works like a big battery, to recharge our body. By looking at the sun, its energy enters our own body through our eyes which are directly connected to the brain, the computer that takes care of everything else.

But of course we can’t be staring at the sun during the day because our sight would be damaged, so the best moment would be at the sunset when the UV rays are much lower.

Just looking at the sunset for the last 2-3 minutes represents a strong recharge of energy for our bodies; but there’s also another reason that makes the Ibiza sunset a MUST-DO ritual

According to the old religions again (even in the Bible), seeing the sunset from the beach or from the water creates a special combination between the energy of the sun and the mineral salts present in vast quantities in seawater and in the sand, that we can breathe while relaxing or meditating admiring the sunset.

This way, we will connect with the planet becoming all one with its source of energy and feeling its essence breathing deeply and recharging our whole body…

If you’ve never had the chance to see the sunset from the sea, we invite you to experience THE BEST SUNSET on a Boat Party, and get you involved in the most amazing experience on the island at one of this amazing events!

Are you ready for the Ibiza Sunset?

By the way, where is your favorite place in Ibiza to see the sunset?

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