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Hello! Welcome in the brand new Affiliate Marketing Program of Boat Party Ibiza! Before we start, let us make you a question:

Do you know anyone that will come to Ibiza this summer?

If the answer is “yes i do!” probably you are in the right place at the right time to make some money!
Boat Party Ibiza is rewarding you with an OUTSTANDING 50% commission for all the people you refer to us and they purchase a Boat Party from our website!

What if you are a Super Affiliate, a professional of Affiliate Marketing?

No Problem! our Affiliate Manager will be in touch with you to build together amazing funnels and efficient systems to help you understand our “boat party world” and get the best out of it!
There are thousands of people EVERY DAY taking exciting andventures in over 10 Boat Party on the Island! So do not hesitate, is a big market with so few competition in Affiliate Marketing!

But How do I JOIN?

IS EASY! Follow the 2 simple steps below and become an affiliate of BPI today!

Is FREE, is EASY and it will pay you REAL MONEY!



Click the button Below and fill out the information, after we receive your application our affiliate manager will contact you to approve your request, setting up all informations needed to let you start working with us.
Visit our FAQ page below to check out common questions about our program and do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

Our affiliates are our treasure…

we value them more than anyone else!



Get your AFFILIATE LINK and start sharing it with the people that want to  “Boat Party” In Ibiza.
Get in touch With Us and let us help you developing the best strategies to start getting customers buying from your LINK!

Does not matter if you are a PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATE or you are brand new to this world,

our affiliate managers are here to help you achieving success in our PROGRAM!

Affiliate marketing Boat Party Ibiza

Who do we work with?

A full list of tickets we currently have on sale can be found at Boat Party Ibiza.

How does it work?

Our affiliate marketing program allows you to promote Boat Parties using your referral link and receive a commission for every ticket sale generated from your referral. We track this referral, then if the visitor makes a ticket purchase within the next 30 days, we credit you with a % of the revenue generated.
After a customer proceed with payments in Paypal he will be redirected to a thank you page where your sale will be registered! Guide your customers hand in hand in the process and you are 100% sure their purchase will generate you a commission!


We can pay you up to 50% for a ticket sale!
Commission rates will vary depending upon the size and popularity of your website, as well as how you will be integrating the events. Our commission structures are very generous and pay out migh higher rates than most other ticket agents. Your commission will start at 30% of our revenue. We review commission rates regularly to reward affiliates who are performing well.

How much technical knowledge do I need?

You just need to know how to share a link 🙂 Just kidding,
Tech Knowledge is not needed but is appreciated, we reward professional affiliate but count on us and our affiliate managers to help you 24/7 on anything you need to start making results!


Commissions are tracked in real-time, so you can login at anytime and view your earnings. Once the event has occured we then pay you all due commissions at the end of the month. Our payment threshold is Euro 10 – if your earnings are less than this we will roll the amount over until next month. We pay via Paypal, meaning your funds hit your account right away when we transfer.

Who can join?

Everyone can join our program! If you think you know people going to Ibiza this summer or you are a professional and you can target tourists going to ibiza, this program is for you!


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